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Very Special Letters

Regular massage therapy treatments from Pawsitive Touch relieved my Golden, Cassie, of chronic stiffness in her rear legs which caused an awkward gait and hindered her ability to get up from a laying position without pain.  As a bonus, she is now more energetic and interactive with her siblings, and a perpetual goofy grin is back on her beautiful face!  Thanks for helping my girl enjoy life again!

Eileen Proctor, Phoenix AZ  

Dear Grace,

Where do I begin to thank you for the healing and joy that you have brought into my and my sweet dog Belle’s lives.  Belle has been my best friend and traveling companion for over 12 years now, but this past year she had to stop traveling with me because I could see how uncomfortable she was – age was catching up with her.  She had been diagnosed with fairly advanced arthritis in her right front and back legs plus had very serious muscle spasms in her lower back from a previous back injury.  And if that weren’t bad enough, she was also diagnosed with Cushing’s disease (over production of adrenalin) – I was not willing to put my 12 year old sweetheart on chemotherapy.  So in searching out alternative health solutions, I was blessed to find you.  And though people may at first be skeptical about Reiki, massage and essential oils, you just can’t argue with the results – after just a few treatments with you, Belle seemed 5 years younger – in fact friends in the neighborhood who had no idea that Belle was getting treatments just could not believe Belle’s agility and energy level – you have helped to restore her physical body to match the spirit in her little soul.  Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us.

With all our gratitude, Kerry and Belle  

Lexie is a 6 year old standard size Yorkshire Terrier that was adopted from the Arizona Humane Society at the age of one. Lexie suffers from separation anxiety and respiratory problems. Undiagnosed bronchitis a few years ago has resulted in an enlarged heart and liver. To complicate matters, Lexie is carrying a few extra pounds, which affects her enlarged heart and makes breathing problems even more complex during asthma season.

Grace was consulted in an attempt to assist Lexie's breathing problems though aromatherapy (to open her airways) and through massage therapy (to stimulate Lexie's organs and help release the toxic buildup in her body). Both treatments have been beneficial and after a session, Lexie seems much more comfortable physically and her breathing is more even and not as wheezy.

In addition, Grace has been extremely helpful in directing us with regard to dietary changes, recommending a holistic vet and with techniques to assist Lexie's condition.

The holistic/natural approach to eliminating the problems in lieu of covering them up with toxic medications has been helpful to Lexie. She is breathing much better, enjoys more stamina, is more relaxed and some of the excess weight is sliding off...finally!

Grace's knowledge and treatments have assisted us in the road to Lexie's recovery and Grace has shown us the way to a healthier lifestyle for Lexie.

Humans benefit from massage and aroma therapy....why can't dogs? I highly recommend non-believers giving it a try!

Thanks Grace!


 Here is Lexie, enjoying her session.   

June 3, 2004

Dear Pet Person:

In April of this year, my family was blessed with Grace Granatelli. In particular, our baby Moxie, an Old English Sheepdog, has benefited from Grace's special skills. Moxie is 11.5 years old, which is a miracle in itself. From her first year, she has bad health issues. starting with hip dysplasia. When she was four, her tear duct system shut down. When she was 7.5, her immune system went berserk. Last November she was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in her right eye. Fortunately, with good doctors. most of these issues have been handIed. The one issue that the medical community could not handle, because of the medications needed to keep her immune system in check, was her arthritis.

Moxie is the sweetest, best -tempered dog in the whole wide world. She has a tremendous sense of humor and is a bona fide Princess. Of course I can say these things because I am her mother. It is the truth. Watching her become increasingly uncomfortable was very difficult. As already stated, because of the medications needed to keep her alive, no further pain relief was available through the medical system. My two-legged family is ridden with arthritis, so I have heard how painful and debilitating it is. Watching my little (100 pound) baby suffer was excruciating.

Then the stars lined up and a wonderful friend put us in touch with Grace. Life has been much easier since. On Grace's first visit to our home, Moxie was her old lickety face self. That had been her mode of operation from Day One, but had slowly subsided over the past several months. Actually, both of our dog babies couldn't stay away from Grace and wanted to give many hugs and kisses. After Grace did her hands on -therapy for Mox, it was a wait and see situation. It didn't take long to see that Moxie had more energy and enthusiasm for being involved in day-to-day life.

Each therapy session has brought additional energy. Sometimes we would like to know where the "off" switch might be. Not seriously, but the change is remarkable. It is still difficult for Moxie to get up and down, but she does so more often and wants to be more involved with the family and play more. The "rain drop" therapy was the most effective and longest lasting. We are looking forward to more fun with that.

After our last treatment, Casey~ our Golden Retriever, got some therapy on his knees, recently diagnosed with ACL issues. After Grace left and I went back in the house, I was greeted with a Casey smiling from ear to ear; he was so happy to have experience her magical touch.

Thanks, Grace, for making all our lives better by using your special gifts.

Debra Fischer ~~~

This is Moxie -- look at that smile!

This is Casey, Moxie's brother.



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